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Scott Sheridan

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All Articles below are written by Scott (unless noted)

Restoring the “Stone-Campbell” Movement

Are We Saved By Jesus or Doctrine?

On The Physical Death of Jesus Christ Published in the Journal of the American Medical Assoc., 1986

James 5:13-20

God in Islam and Christianity Written by Al-Basheer

Common Objections Raised Against the Biblical Doctrine of Baptism

Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues

Please Don’t Call Me “The Pastor” Written by George L. Faull

Why the Churches of Christ Are NOT a Denomination Written by Donald Nash

The New Jew

What Is the Kingdom?

The Drawing Power of God (John 6:44)

The Gift of Tongues in the Post-Apostolic Church Written by Cleon Rogers

How To Make A Call To God (Rom. 10:13)

The Origin of Baptism Written by Lee Mason

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Looking for Oz in All the Wrong Places

The Rapture: A Valid Concept? Written by George Faull

Sloppy Terminology Means Sloppy Theology

Survival of the Fakest from The Discovery Institute

What About Women Prophesying? Written by George Faull

You’ll Never See That On My Car!

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Roger Chambers

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