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Dick Chambers Audio

God Hates the Sin But Loves the Sinner Winning at Winchester (VA) 2011

Light of the World Winning at Winchester (VA) 2010

CHC 2010 Revival:
    Bible School Class April 4, 2010
    Sunday AM Assembly: Resurrection: Fact or Fiction April 4, 2010
    Sunday PM Assembly: Almost Persuaded
    Monday PM Saved or Self-Deceived?
    Tuesday PM The Parables of Jesus
    Wednesday PM The End of Love

2007 CHC Faith Promise Rally
    Friday night, Oct. 26
    Saturday, Oct. 27
    Bible School, Sunday, Oct 28
    Morning Assembly
    Evening Assembly

Where The Bible Is Silent We Are Silent Sept 2, 2006 Winchester, VA

There Will Never Be Another Day Like That Again Sept 3, 2005 Winchester

Peals of Thunder Jan 1, 2005, Grundy

What About the Children Sept 1, 2002 Winchester, VA

None Are So Blind John 9 Aug 1, 1999, HFC

The Incomparable Christ Aug 1, 1995, HFC

Three Cheers From Jesus Aug 1, 1993, HFC

The Root of Bitterness Aug 14, 1991, HFC

Harvest Eyes Jan 1, 1992 Grundy

Two Wrong Questions

The Joy of Soul Winning August 1, 1988 HFC



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