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George Faull Preaching 1

George L. Faull Video
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HFC=Hillsboro (OH) Family Camp

ECPC= East Coast Prayer Clinic


A Request from George:

In this note I am asking a favor from you. Many of you know I’ve begun the renovation of one of the Resident Halls for Summit. Some of you have encouraged me to do this work. All I am asking from you is your earnest prayer in this endeavor. Here are the specifics I am asking you to pray:

* That the Lord of harvest would entrust us with faithful men who want to preach and enter the white fields of harvest.

* That the Lord would continue to bless me with sales so that I may keep supporting your own ministry, as well as Summit’s.

* That the School will remain faithful in teaching the doctrines of Christ and His apostles.

* That we would never be swept away by fads or the applause of men. We also do not ever want to look at students as “income” to support the School but rather an opportunity to mold them into faithful students and preachers.

* That you would be able to recruit students for both the Resident School of Preaching as well as our regular distance learning programs.


George L. Faull, Rel. D.


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