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Scott Sheridan

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Jim Spinnati Audio

We Can!

Spiritual Train Wreck

2009 Crown Hill Faith Promise Rally with Jim Spinnati
   Friday night, October 30, 2009  PM Come, See, Go, Tell
   Saturday night, October 31, 2009  PM  Liberty
   Sunday, November 1, 2009  AM Left Behind
   Sunday, November 1, 2009  PM This Ministry

Betrothal of the Bride

Let God Be True

2003 CHC Revival
   Naaman: A Mighty Man of Valor 2 Kings 5       March 28, 2003
   Go Into All the World    2 Kings 7    March 29, 2008
   How Great Our Master Is    Matthew 25:14  March 30, 2003 AM
   The Family  March 30, 2003 PM

Naaman Come Clean Kiamichi Clinic

Tallying the Talents Kiamichi Clinic

Love and Marriage

What The Man In Torment Never Asked 1998

Open Your Mouth Shelby, OH Revival 1997
When Jesus Is In The House Shelby, OH Revival 1997
It Takes Three To Make A Marriage Shelby, OH 1997


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