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Scott Sheridan

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Requested Sermons

Unforgivable Sin (Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit) (12/28/2003)

Cracking the Da Vinci Code

How We Got the Bible (5/21/2006)
     Jesus: God or Mortal (5/28/2006)
     Is Christianity Unique? (6/4/2008)

Historical Deceptions

     Original Sin (9/3/2006)
     Faith Alone (9/10/2006)
     Eternal Security (9/17/2006)
     Mother Mary (9/24/2006)
     Being Good Enough (10/1/2006)

Holidays and the Bible (2008)


The Holy Spirit Series (2008)

An Introduction  January 6, 2008
The Spirit of Truth   January 13, 2008 Scott’s version of an old Roger Chambers sermon
Baptism of the Holy Spirit   January 20, 2008
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit  January 27, 2008
Speaking in Tongues   February 10, 2008
The Indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit
February 17, 2008

The Faith of a Father  June 18, 2006
I preached this sermon on Father’s Day 12 days after my dad died

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