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George Faull Preaching 1

George L. Faull Audio

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HFC=Hillsboro (OH) Family Camp

ECPC= East Coast Prayer Clinic

Summit Classes

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I See The Lord Feb 2014

Too Big for Your Britches 2013

Greatest Memorial in the World

Needed, Men Like Philip

Partial Obedience Is Disobedience

What the Bible Says About Itself

When the Cock Crows, What Then?

Wrong Seeds Wrong Plants

The Lord He Is God Dec 30, 2012

We Know Dec 30, 2012

The Incarnation of Jesus Dec 23, 2012

Barriers to Fellowship Dec 16, 2012

Fellowship With God....A Possiblility Dec 2, 2012

Oil of Contentment Nov 11, 2012

Forget Not All His Benefits Ps 103  Nov 7, 2012

Crime Does Not Pay Sept 30, 2012

Fellow Laborers Aug 5, 2012

What Are You Crying About? July 29, 2012

A Little Bit of Pilate in All of Us July 22, 2012

Do You Need a Faith Lift? June 24, 2012

The Unknown Soldier June 10, 2012

Jesus is Alive May 23,2012

Special Delivery Feb 26, 2012

No Longer a Servant Feb 12, 2012

Isaiah Saw His Glory Jan. 15, 2012

Blundering Disciples Oct. 2, 2011

Helps for Handling Manipulation September 25, 2011

Is One Church As Good As Another? September 18, 2011

Getting Your Priorities Right Sept. 13, 2011

Boaz’s Example Aug. 28, 2011

Jesus and Typology (Mountainview Family Camp July 17, 2011)

Jesus and Prophecy July 16, 2011

Have The Promises to Abraham Been Fulfilled? (Mountainview Family Camp
     July 15, 2011)

If I Were A Poor Man Feb 20, 2011

An Ouchless Religion (Florida Bible Conference 2011)

These Things Were Not Done In A Closet (Florida Bible Conference 2011)

Concerning Judging Others (Florida Bible Conference 2011)

Not of This World Jan. 22, 2011

The Rechabites Dec. 22, 2010

Love’s Last Appeal Nov. 7, 2010

The Christian’s BHAG Oct. 24, 2010

Single, But Serving the Lord Oct 17, 2010

The Confident God June 20, 2010

The Hope of Righteousness May 23, 2010

Behold, Returning King of Kings Mar 14, 2010

Reeds in the Wind Feb. 28, 2010

Consider One Another Feb 21, 2010

God Sees Memorials Feb. 14, 2010

An Offended God August 9, 2009

Are You In A Safe Place? August 2, 2009

A Two-Edged Sword July 26, 2009

God My Helper July 19, 2009

Who Is A Liar? June 14, 2009

2 Samuel 23 May 31, 2009

The Golden Text of the Bible Feb. 1, 2009

Who Will Go and Work In My Field Aug 10, 2008

You Can Be Too Seeker Sensitive HFC 2008

On the Jericho Road HFC 2008

Is The Lord Tolerant? April 6, 2008

Worthy of a Good Upbraiding  March 23, 2008

Why Should We Be Holy? 2 Cor. 6:14-7:1  Dec 2, 2007

Things Necessary for Holiness 2 Cor. 6:14-7:1 Dec 2, 2007

On Hospitality August 25, 2007

Water Test

Truth Brings Freedom HFC July 25, 2007

Judging Others in a Tolerant World HFC July 27, 2007

Teaching Your Children About Sex June 3, 2007

A Frustrated Seminarian May 6, 2007

Peer Pressure and the Christian

He Alone Is Worthy

In Order to Excel

How to determine Sin

I Am Not A Church Splitter

Elder Led vs. Board Led

A Couple of Forgotten Mothers May 8, 2005

James 5:16  Session 1 - 2005 ECPC

A Different Look At Church Growth no date

Class Action Suit no date

CHC Revival October 2004
   The Law as Our Schoolmaster Gal. 3:14ff Friday, March 26, 2004
   A Lesson In Trials Acts 7:20ff Saturday, March 27, 2004
   Baptism: The Thief on the Cross CHC Revival Sunday AM March 28, 2004 AM
   The Seven Key Character of Genesis Sunday, March 28, 2004 PM

Give a Little Whistle 1 Timothy 1:18-20, October 26, 2003

Mighty Men of David 2 Samuel 23 October 13, 2001

Restoring Holiness to Leadership July 13, 2001 Palmyra Church of Christ, OH
The Elders, part 2 Acts 21 July 13, 2001 Palmyra Church of Christ
The Elders, part 3 July 14, 2001 Palmyra Church of Christ, OH
The Elders, cont.

Contending For The Faith HFC 2000

How To Treat An Erring Brother HFC 2000

Unequally Yoked: Problems and Pleasures HMC 1999

Paid In Kind Psalm 7 HFC 1998

Learning About the Blessed Hope HMC 1998

Avoiding Temptations of the Ministry PPPS 1997

Integrity: A Needed Virtue

Stealing a Cure  Mark 5:22

Liberty Is Not License

Sowing In Tears

What the Bible Says About Stewardship

Church Discipline

The Will of God

Truth SIP Seminar February 11, 1998 Mansfield, OH

Restoration Heritage Conference: In Essentials Unity July 1-2, 1996 Dallas

Mutiny On The Old Ship Zion HMC 1994

Why God Gave the Law Galatians 3:15 Revival Palmyra Oct. 13, 1996
Accursed When the Lord Comes 1 Corinthians 16:22 Revival Oct. 14, 1996
Who Can I Be A Neighbor To? Palmyra Revival Oct. 15, 1996
What God Can Do With A Nobody Acts 7:20 Palmyra Revival Oct. 16, 1996
Life Is Not Fair 2 Timothy 4 Palmyra Revival Oct. 17, 1996
Living Faith James 2 Palmyra Revival Oct. 18, 1996

Of What Church Was The Ethiopian Eunuch? HFC 1993

Acts of the Apostates Jude HFC 1993

Two Words That Need Defined HFC 1992

The Missing Ingredient in Leadership HFC 1991

Some Simple Facts about Baptism

Why Are Fire Trucks Red?

Buy the Truth

Back to the Basics

Satan’s Trophy Room

Tithing in the New Testament

Surprises About Instrumental Music

Accursed When The Lord Comes  1 Cor. 16:22  Oct 14, 1996

What Kind of Man Does God Delight In?


A Request from George:

In this note I am asking a favor from you. Many of you know I’ve begun the renovation of one of the Resident Halls for Summit. Some of you have encouraged me to do this work. All I am asking from you is your earnest prayer in this endeavor. Here are the specifics I am asking you to pray:

* That the Lord of harvest would entrust us with faithful men who want to preach and enter the white fields of harvest.

* That the Lord would continue to bless me with sales so that I may keep supporting your own ministry, as well as Summit’s.

* That the School will remain faithful in teaching the doctrines of Christ and His apostles.

* That we would never be swept away by fads or the applause of men. We also do not ever want to look at students as “income” to support the School but rather an opportunity to mold them into faithful students and preachers.

* That you would be able to recruit students for both the Resident School of Preaching as well as our regular distance learning programs.


George L. Faull, Rel. D.


Eternal Struggle Overview
These 3 sessions are an overview of a 26 tape independent study course. 30 years in the making. A unique and insightful course into what the Bible is all about. Contact Summit Theological Seminary for more information.

Eternal Struggle 1
Eternal Struggle 2
Eternal Struggle 3


Personal Evangelism

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Personal Evangelism 3   George L. Faull
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Personal Evangelism 5   Dean Mills
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Personal Evangelism 7   George L. Faull
Personal Evangelism 8   George L. Faull
Personal Evangelism 9   George L. Faull
Personal Evangelism 10 Terry Crist

Pers. Evangelism Notebook
He That Cometh To God Notebook
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