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Roger Chambers Video

Faith No sound for the first minute

What It Means To Be Saved

Sons, Not Slaves

Jesus’ First Miracle

Jesus is Lord

Parable of the Talents

Salt of the Earth

The Spirit of Truth

Why This Waste?

Doctrinal Trends in the Restoration Movement
Kiamichi Clinic 1987

2 Corinthians 8 Bible School Class (Treaty)


Any videos that are marked as HFC or HMC are from either the Hillsboro Family Camp or the Hillsboro Men’s Clinic. If you like the video please support those who made it by ordering the DVD from Person to Person Ministries

Christian Family Life Seminar (Treaty, 1987)
CFL1         CFL5
CFL2         CFL6
CFL3         CFL7

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Televised Discussion on Creationism in Public Schools 1984

Televised Discussion on Prayer in Public Schools with Atheist 1984

Roger Chambers1

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