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Roger Chambers Audio

Many of the recordings that I (Scott) possess of Dr. Chambers were recorded by someone other than myself. Some of them are in excellent sound quality and others are not. All of them were recorded using cassette tapes. I put these sermons on this site in whatever condition they may be so that the Kingdom of God can learn from Dr. Chambers’ teaching. You may have to listen very closely to some of them because of the poor quality of some of the recordings. I will be trying to improve their quality once I get all of my tapes converted to digital so keep coming back and seeing what’s been added. In the meantime, enjoy.

What the NT Says About the Local Church 1  
What the NT Says About the Local Church 2
What the NT Says About the Local Church 3
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Faith Romans 4


The Salt of the Earth HFC

Ability and Responsibility Mt. 25 HFC 1987

Rebuilding Jerusalem Neh. 2 (Westside)

The Marriage Feast Mt. 22 (Westside)

Judgment of the Nations HFC 8/7/1988
(Last Sermon Dr. Chambers preached)

Living in the Fifth Dimension Eph. 3 (Westside)

Woman At the Well John 4 (Westside)


Not Defeated

Spirit of Truth  HFC 1985

The New Song Revelation 5:1-10

The Restoration of All Things  Acts 3:19-21

The Great Church

The Birth of the Church Acts 2:36-47

A Problem of Administration Acts 6:1-7

The Restitution of All Things Acts 3

Indwelling Gift of the Holy Spirit

Signs and Wonders Acts 6:1-8

The Lame Man at the Gate Beautiful  Acts 3

Gifts (Partial recording) Romans 12

Service: Key to Growth  Ephesians 4

Digging Our Own Wells  Rev. 2

Sons of God Eph. 1

A Better City Heb. 13

Sons, Not Slaves Rom. 8

Sonship- No Condemnation Romans 8 March 11, 1985

Abraham’s Faith Romans 4

The Body of Christ

True Wisdom 1 Cor. 2

Not Speculation But Revelation 1 Corinthians 2

The Corporate Body 1 Corinthians 12:12-27

Final Distress, Final Victory Daniel 12:1-3 Westside

Patience: The Cinderella Virtue James 5:7-11 Westside

Faith Without Works James 2:14-26

Of Teachers and Teaching James 3:1-18

Exhortation to Godliness James 4

Essentials of Christianity James 1:19-27

Joy of Endurance James 1

Temptation James 1

Faith as Evidenced by Works James 2

The Good Life: Money and Luxurious Living James 5

Predestination Eph. 1

Jesus is Priest and King Col. 1

Jesus is Prophet Col. 1

A Vessal Clean and Useful 2 Timothy 2  July 30, 1972

Promise, Law & Faith Galatians 3

Philippians 2:8-13 March 10, 1985

1 Peter 1:3-5 March 15, 1985

Giving Your Best for the Faith Philippians 1

The Identity of Jesus (Why This Waste?)

The Second Coming 1 Thess 4 & 5

The Doctrine of Sin 1 John 3

The Sin Unto Death 1 John 3

The Antichrist

The Antichrist and The Last Hour 1 John 1 October 18, 1972

Antichrist and the Last Hour pt. 1
Antichrist and the Last Hour pt. 2

Jude 1-4 1975

Demon Influence Persuasion Possession pt 1 poor recording
Demon Influence, Persuasion and Possession pt. 2 Feb. 13, 1972

The Word of God 1 Corinthians 2

The Cutting Edge of the Movement

Doctrinal Trends in the Restoration Movement Kiamichi Clinic 1987

Questions and Answers 1986 Oak Hills Men’s Clinic with Barry McCarty

God’s Man - His Home FCC Men’s Day 1987

Making the Family Work HFC Aug. 1985

Luke 19:11 Northmen 1975

The Lord’s Day Mark 2:23-28

Leaders Must Know the Word

Light At Evening Zech. 14:1-11

What It Means to Be Saved 2 Cor. 5:19-20 HFC

Fellowship (Accept One Another) Romans 8:14-17

Adam’s Rib to Women’s Lib 1 Corinthians 11:1

A Question of Lordship Acts 1:1-3

Builders or Destroyers Romans 14:13-23

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit  Acts 2

Abortion  CFBC Chapel  Sept 20,1984

John 12 (Why This Waste?)

Demon Influence, Persuasion and Possession

Key to Growth

Resisting the Holy Spirit Acts 7 Westside

Restoration of the Temple 1 Cor. 3 Westside

The Pure Word James 3

Interview with two Mormons

Promises To Israel 1975 Conf on Evangelism

Cults, Cultism, Cult #1 A Definition
Cults, Cultism, Cult #2- The Cult Mind
Cults, Cultism, Cult #3

Freedom: Responsible for Each Other

Getting Into the Stream John 4

Chambers vs. Humanist #1 very poor recording
Chambers vs. Humanist #2

God’s Plan, the New Man #1
An Overview of Ephesians, March 1, 1985

God’s Plan, the New Man #2
An Overview of Ephesians, cont. March 2, 1985

Luke 19:11 The Northmen 1975

Lecture on Inerrancy February 3, 1984

How To Deal With Armstrong Followers
Cincinnati Bible College, March 29, 1979

The Second Coming 1 Thessalonians 4:13 April 15, 1987

The Compulsion Ministry FCC Chapel  Sept 12, 1985

Why This Waste? March 3, 1988

Modern Israel and the Bible 1982 FL Christian Conv.

Theme of Romans pt. 1  1982 Men’s Retreat
Theme of Romans pt. 2

Holy Spirit 1978 Florida Youth Convention

Hebrews 12 CFBC Chapel March 10, 1981

The Living Word Confronts the Cults

Challenge to the Cults 1978 Fl. Christian Convention

Family Discipline March 25, 1984

The Second Coming March 14, 1988

Paul, The Preacher That Couldn’t Preach   2 Cor 10

Responsibility of the Child of God 1 John 3:3
Fla. Christian College Oct 5, 1979

Amos 2 CFBC Chapel Jan 11, 1983

Ahead to Better Things Heb. 11 CBS Baccalaureate 1977

Doctrinal Trends in the Restoration Movement (Combined Fla Chr Conv & Natl Missionary Conv) 1985

Promise & Faith Gal. 3:15-29

Revelation or Speculation 1 Cor. 2

Finding Pearls in the Mud 1988 National Christian Camp Leaders Conference

Introduction to the Cults Monroeville, PA
Introduction cont., with Q & A
Armstrongism cont. with Q & A
Moonism, TM, and Faith Healing with Q & A

History of Evolution Monroeville, PA
History of Evolution part 2
The Inductive Process and Abiogenesis
Human Evolution
The Teleological Argument
The Selection of Evidence by Evolutionists
Is Evolution Good?

The First Steps Back to God Malachi 4:5, 6 Monroeville, PA

A Faith Like Abraham Romans 4 Monroeville, PA

Digging Our Own Wells  Rev 2

God’s Inheritance Ephesians 1 (Poor Recording)

Earnestly Contend for the Faith Jude, Monroeville, PA

The Second Coming Luke 19, Monroeville, PA

Quality Disciples Ephesians 4, Monroeville, PA

The Glorious Church Hebrews 1, Monroeville, PA

Prevention for the Family Monroeville, PA

1 Thessalonians 4 & 5

Romans 8:14-17

Who Do You Say That I Am? Mt. 16:13

The First Miracle of Jesus John 2

Sifting: The Cost of Being a Christian

Conversion 1 Peter Nov 8, 1973  Show Me Rally, Central Christian College

Redemption Gal. 3 March 3, 1985

The Last Supper March 3, 1985


Hebrews 12

What Is Truth? John 17 Monroeville, PA

Jesus Is Lord  Romans 10:9

Son of Mary, Sons of Martha John 12:1-8
aka “Why This Waste” Monroeville, PA

Grace Luke 15, Monroeville, PA

Faith Romans 5:1, 2, Monroeville, PA

Holy Spirit: First Considerations
Holy Spirit: Creation and OT Revelation
The Holy Spirit in NT Revelation
Holy Spirit Baptism
Holy Spirit Languages and Blasphemy
The Purpose of Languages
Holy Spirit Gifts
Holy Spirit in Conversion, cont
Indwelling and Sanctification

Natural Man vs. Spiritual Man 1 Corinthians 2

Regeneration: Led by the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Annointing1 John 2

Remember Your Baptism Monroeville

Study of the Holy Spirit Monroeville

Making the Christian Home Work

The Inerrant Word (FCC Chapel)

Thy Word Is Truth (Chapel)

What It Means To Be Saved (FCC Chapel)

Florida Christian College Baccaleaureate (nd)


Dr. Chambers’ Classes
have been moved here

Any sermons that are marked as HFC or HMC are from either the Hillsboro Family Camp or the Hillsboro Men’s Clinic. If you like the message please support those who made it by ordering it from Person to Person Ministries

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